From analyzing data to performing due diligence, unclaimed property can be a complex undertaking. 全球最好的网赌正规平台通过分析性的回顾帮助简化过程, 年度报告, 审计国防, VDA的协助以及政策和程序的制定. 

每年, 企业被要求报告“无人认领的财产”,或无人认领的财务责任. These obligations can include uncashed payroll and accounts payable checks, 客户信用余额, 礼品卡, 休眠的支票或储蓄账户, 还有股息和股票. The risks of non-compliance could result in fines and penalties being imposed, 特别是今天, as states are more incentivized to initiate audits and increase unclaimed property assessments. 作为一个结果, companies need to develop a proven and documented system for handling dormant and open liabilities properly.

巴尔的摩的咨询全球最好的网赌正规平台 全球最好的网赌正规平台 can help companies create this system by connecting them with the firm’s experienced state and local tax professionals. Clearview的团队可以确定全球最好的网赌正规平台的需求领域, develop a comprehensive plan to get the company into compliance and help maintain that compliance in the future.


第一个, organizations need to create a thorough written process for mitigating all potential sources of unclaimed property.

“追究责任的方式没有对错之分,”他说 埃里克·墨登, 全球最好的网赌正规平台的状态中的一个主要 & 当地税务 (SALT) practice and Practice Leader of the 无人认领的财产 division. “A documented process helps outline how you will track the liability and ensure the property is appropriately handled. 除了, 如果你经历过审计或自我审计, one of the first questions asked is whether or not you have documented policies and procedures in place. 如果你有程序,并正确地遵循它们, 在政府的眼里,你的形象会好很多. 文件化的流程也有助于保护你的全球最好的网赌正规平台免受欺诈.”

While having a tried-and-true system for unclaimed property is important, Mauldin notes that it is just as essential to ensure the procedures are flexible and up to date. 无人认领物权法一直在变化, which is why companies need to not only understand the current state statutes and regulations, but also be cognizant of any changes to the law that may impact the current year’s filings.


当确定什么是或不是无人认领的财产时, there are several different methodologies to handle state-dated liabilities, 但关键, 墨登说, 记录账簿上的所有负债吗.

“当涉及到保管无人认领的财产时, 你不希望它成为你的责任和底线的打击,”墨登说. “That is why you should never write off uncashed liabilities or unused credits as income unless you are sure the liability is not owed. 在特拉华州VDA, any liability that has been open for at least 90 days is potentially considered unclaimed property — if you have a check that has been open for 90 days, 例如, 您将需要显示该项是如何补救的状态. If you cannot resolve an item or reunite the funds with the owner, don’t write them off as income. One suggestion would be to put them into a separate G/L account and wait for the item to become dormant per state law. 全球最好的网赌正规平台 works with each company to figure out the most efficient process for dealing with stale-dated liabilities.


Once companies have identified transactions that are unclaimed property and are due to the states for the current reporting period, they are required to attempt to contact the owner via due diligence mailing. 遵守国家规定很重要, 其中包括头等邮件(大多数情况下)和, 对于一些国家, 认证信.

“当轮到报告的时候, 几乎每个州都要求尽职调查, depending on the dollar amount of the dormant item — you have to send one letter per individual or company to give them a chance to claim the property after it becomes dormant,”墨登说. “We always recommend developing a program where you reach out to these customers, 员工或供应商之前的信用或支票成为休眠. There are many ways to resolve these liabilities, 但关键 is communication.”


在尽职调查过程完成之后, it is time to report the remaining unresolved and dormant items to the states. Most states require reports to be filed electronically and uploaded directly to state websites. 美国有53个司法管辖区.S. 有无人认领物权法, 每个州都有不同的豁免, 休眠时间, 到期日期, 尽职调查要求, 付款要求等. 全球最好的网赌正规平台 helps its clients navigate these different requirements with state-approved software.

他说:“我们使用的软件可以根据州的情况捕捉一切信息, 以及法律是否有任何改变,”墨登说. “自由软件是存在的, but you get what you pay for —the software we utilize helps you keep track of any changes going on in the industry. 专业顾问通常使用付费软件, as they don’t want to miss anything or have their clients targeted for audit.”

墨登说 it is important for companies to create an annual compliance timeline. 他说:“并不是所有州对企业都有相同的最后期限。. “It is important to have that plan in place so you can stay ahead of deadlines moving forward.” This can be a part of the previously mentioned policies and procedures.

一旦无人认领的财产流程成功完成, companies must maintain records and documentation for a minimum of ten years. 今天, 无人认领的财产审计正变得越来越普遍, and one of the best ways to lessen the impact of an audit is to be able to show a consistent reporting history. 全球最好的网赌正规平台 will assist companies with annual unclaimed property reporting, 无论是邮寄尽职调查信件, 跟踪反应, 处理状态报告或其他任何东西.

整体, 处理无人认领的财产是一个复杂的过程, and 墨登说 it is essential to have an expert on board who understands the specific details. 无人认领的财产并不难, 它非常注重细节, 因为它很容易脱轨,”他说. “全球最好的网赌正规平台 has the team in place to provide that expertise and ensure clients handle the process properly.”


For more information, contact Clearview’s 无人认领的财产 expert, 埃里克·墨登 at emauldin@www.markeatsthis.com 或访问: http://www.markeatsthis.com/

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