Staff Augmentation: Accounting & Finance Support to Bridge the Gap Following Reorganization

Many companies that resorted to reorganization and lean workforce strategies earlier in the year to help curb uncertain financial futures provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic, may now face the challenge of scaling and accurately determining hiring needs to meet business demands as economic activity continues to waver. While widespread reorganization initiatives were initially deemed necessary to retain a strong financial foothold, negative impacts of these decisions are beginning to surface which include missed deadlines, unsatisfactory work product and workforce fatigue among those retained.

In addition to the aforementioned by-products stemming from business decisions that were made in response to the virus, financial and operational leadership have more recently begun to thoroughly examine each area of their organization’s internal operations to determine where cost saving measures, work stream reconfiguration and process improvements may be performed . As a result of this in-depth scrutiny, initiatives that may have been previously deferred due to time, budget or capacity constraints are likely to resurface, in conjunction with newly identified areas of improvement – further exposing staffing limitations related to capacity or expertise.

To assist organizations in meeting these changing demands, Clearview Group’s Accounting and Finance Services team is equipped to fill the skill and staffing gaps, and avoid the cost and time associated with redeploying current employees and/or training new FTEs, through our cost-effective Accounting & Finance Staff Augmentation services.

Committed to providing the most suitable resources for our Clients, our team carefully analyzes project specific requirements and identifies, qualifies and assembles the precise talent needed, whether it be individual contributors or a group of resources operating under our Client’s direction. These resources can range from staff accountants to CFOs and regardless of level are always supported by our Accounting & Finance Management team, thereby demonstrating accountability and accepting responsibility throughout the length of the engagement. Unlike traditional high-volume staffing firms, Clearview Group’s Accounting and Finance core leadership provides consistent, hands-on support as needed throughout the duration of each accounting and finance related staff augmentation engagement, including detailed scoping, personnel onboarding, high-level oversight and client satisfaction.

Our process for identifying the right resource for each project begins by assessing the specific skill sets needed and matching this against our internal resource capabilities and capacity.  If those do not fully align, our Accounting & Finance team has a far-reaching contractor network which allows the Clearview team to fill in any gaps with the necessary talent, therefore accumulating and deploying the exact team you need to tackle your most important accounting or finance related staffing needs. These needs could include corporate accounting support, accounting system conversions, management reporting, cash flow management and forecasting, technical accounting, SEC reporting and compliance, consolidation, FP&A support and more.

We support organizations of all sizes with accounting and finance related staff augmentation needs, from the Fortune 100 to early-stage startups and work seamlessly with our clients to ensure we align the right resources based on the project requirements– it’s all about what’s best for you and your organization.

For staff augmentation support for your business’ finance and accounting-related needs, or to join our accounting and finance team, contact Clearview Group at or .


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